High Stress Decision Making

High Stress Decision Making

This 2-day High Stress Decision Making workshop is specifically designed to equip attendees with the necessary skills to make right decisions under stress. This training has two main components: i) understanding stress effects and ii) strategies to improve officer’s decision making under stress. The workshop will first introduce delegates to the effects of stress on valuation, learning and risk-taking. Delegates will learn stress aware characterisation and its responses. This section also helps delegates identify the differences between risk management vs time critical decision making.

On Day 2, delegates will be exposed to the different tools and techniques that help them to make effective decisions before, during and after an emergency or in everyday fast-paced environments. During this section, delegates will be exposed to strategies such as STAR, Programming to WIN mindset and Stress Inoculation Training (SIT).

What you will learn from this Masterclass:

  • MASTER the techniques and strategies to improve decision making process under stress.
  • IDENTIFY common type of stressors and UNDERSTAND how to handle it during tactical times.
  • HANDLE between risk management and time critical decision making.
  • EVALUATE officer’s ability to make decisions under threat conditions and IMPLEMENT those decisions to control the situation.
  • BUILD more stress-resilient teams and organisations.
  • IMPROVE your problem-solving and decision-making habits.
  • STRENGTHEN the mind and body for fast-paced and emergency decision making.
Who will attend
  • Emergency/First Responders
  • Health Care and Hospital leaders/staff
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military/Paramilitary
  • Utility leaders/staff
  • Anyone who routinely makes decisions under high stress

Expert Trainer has over 20 years of active service in Military Special Operations followed by a career in the Israeli Police and Diplomatic Security Agency. He is currently the owner of International Security Instructors, a top-tier organisation that provides comprehensive security and risk management solutions, meeting a variety of customised needs.

Expert Trainer has served as an undercover operator in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Counter Terrorism Special operations unit which followed by a Police career in similar capacity becoming an instructor at the Israeli National Police Academy. He was responsible for instructing special operations units and teaching both tactical and operational procedures on Counter-Terrorism.

Case Studies

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Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) for An Enhanced Intelligence Gathering Process


This workshop provides an insight into imagery intelligence. It introduces delegates a variety of imagery types that can all be used to provide valuable additional intelligence to enhance existing sources, build target packs and gain an understanding of an area. Expert Trainer will incorporate open source tools and material to deliver the course to ensure that imagery intelligence skills can be practised and used with minimum outlay in a familiar environment.

This workshop is a practical, hands-on course and all subjects will be reinforced with practical elements and real-world examples.

What you will learn from this workshop:

  • MASTER the building blocks of Imagery Analysis.
  • IDENTIFY and EXPLOIT the different types of imagery.
  • COMPARE maps and imagery to accurately geolocate targets.
  • LEARN how to use common items to measure distances on unreferenced imagery.
  • BUILD a report using Full Motion Video.
Who should attend
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Intelligence Collection Managers
  • ISR Operators
  • Law Enforcement Investigators
  • Military Intelligence Officer
  • Security Researchers

Expert Trainer has more than 20 years’ experience in the British Army Intelligence Corps in which time he worked in various fields including Counter Intelligence, Technical Investigations, Information Assurance (IA), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) and Cyber Security. He has worked in mainland Germany, France, Turkey, Cyprus, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sierra Leone, and currently teaches intelligence techniques to military staff from across the 29 NATO member nations, African partner nations and also to partners within the defence industry.

Expert Trainer
completed the 16-week United Kingdom Imagery Analysis Course in 2000 and then went on to work with the USA analysing Predator, Reaper and Hermes 450 imagery on missions for the Balkans conflict. He has also provided imagery support to operations in Sierra Leone and then managed the training and operations of the British Army Reserve Imagery Analysis unit. 

Table-top Exercises
  • This is a 3-day practical course and students are encouraged to follow the teaching on their own laptops. Teaching will be conducted through instructor led lessons and student discovery through practical exercises.
  • Students should bring a Laptop and wheel mouse with Google Earth Pro, VLC Video Player and, Paint Shop Pro installed and working. It would be useful to have an office suite with PowerPoint, OneNote or similar application. Links will be provided in the joining instructions.

Interested to be part of this training?

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Industry Insights
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