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[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Real World Surveillance Techniques

July 6 - July 7

Apply surveillance tools to real world situations to track criminals and their digital shadows...

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Anti-Drone Countermeasures for Critical Infrastructures

July 7

In this course, learn more about the counter measures against drone attacks on infrastructures

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Detecting Radicalisation and HVE via Cyber intelligence and Social Media Intelligence

July 12 - July 13

Learn how terrorists are using the social media and cyber tools to radicalise and recruit new followers.

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Undercover Counter Terrorism Operations Online

July 28 - July 29

Learn more about operating an undercover platform to infiltrate terrorist groups in the ongoing war against terror threats.

[Expert-Led Masterclass] Tactical Data Links (TDLs)

August 16 - August 18

Tactical data links are used to transmit, relay or receive military communication via radio waves or cable. This course covers the use of TDLs and the various technologies in an operational context.

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Predictive Profiling

August 18

Join this course to learn more about the predictive profiling tools that can be used for threat assessments

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Insider Risk Management

August 23 - August 24

Most businesses fail to take note of insider risk, which centers on the people and their operations, and is just as critical today for any organisation large or small...

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Cryptocurrencies Tracking and Investigation

September 7 - September 8

Investigate crypto transactions and track illegal transactions on the web.

[Expert-Led Masterclass] Sock Puppet Creation and Covert Browsing

September 12

Learn about “sock puppets” and how they can be used to spread through social media.

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Marine Casualties and Incidents Investigation

September 14 - September 15

Maritime incident and accident investigations frequently requires expert witnesses, reports and...

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Anti-Drone Countermeasures for Critical Infrastructures

September 14

In this course, learn more about the counter measures against drone attacks on infrastructures

[Expert-Led Masterclass] Covert Operational Tradecraft

September 22 - September 23

Sign up for this course to learn the tradecraft secrets of intelligence gathering, investigation and target assessment in covert operations.

[Expert-Led Masterclass] Advanced Open Source and Social Media Intelligence

September 26 - September 29

This 4 day course offers advanced level tools for OSINT and SOCMINT intelligence gathering

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Gas & LNG Contract, Pricing and Dispute Resolution

October 18 - October 19

Learn about the drafting of contracts/agreements for the Oil & Gas / LNG sector.

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

October 25 - October 26

As supply chain issues continue, we can expect raising costs with inflation and labour crunch...

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