Expert-Led Digital Masterclasses

Expert-Led Digital Masterclasses

Remote Learning

In light of COVID-19 developments, we're offering the following Expert-Led Masterclasses remotely.
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Leading in a Changing World-Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Leading in Changing World: Dealing with VUCA

VUCA is a reality in today's world, and it will only get worse. A leader's VUCA mindset determines the way in which he or she (and ultimately, their organisations) view present day reality, as well as how they perceive the future.

Drone Security

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Drone Security for Critical Infrastructures

As drones become smarter, they could be harnessed by terrorists to carry out deadly attacks. Protecting your assets & people from malicious drone is a growing and critical issue. Participate in this workshop to learn how to analyse attacks with drones and understand the necessary countermeasures..

Predictive Profiling

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Predictive Profiling

This highly interactive 2-day workshop is specifically designed to equip delegates with the necessary skills of Predictive Profiling. Day 1 of the workshop will cover Predictive Profiling methodology and how to utilise it in threat assessments of people, objects and situations as well as managing ..

Emergency Preparedness and Recovery for Modern Crisis-Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Emergency Preparedness and Recovery for Modern Crisis

You will learn how build a crisis management capability, building a team which makes best use of your staff and how to develop and write a crisis management plan. The workshop will also discuss Crisis leadership ..

Managing Supply Chain Risk and Disruption Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Managing Supply Chain Risk and Disruption

Directing the efforts necessary to enhance the supply chain has never been more of a test for companies. Transport and logistics system carrying the world's cargo become critical when major disruptions occur.

Leadership and Champions Formula Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Leadership and The Champions Formula

Defining a great leader and what is expected of a modern leader, this masterclass will cover topics such as The six steps to achieve any mission (MOETTS), Strategic planning & laying plans for leaders and more. The Expert Trainer has been delivering education and ..

Procurement Risk Management and Fraud Investigation - Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Procurement Risk Management and Fraud Investigation

This workshop will start with a general discussion on how corporate integrity can increase organisations’ profits and continue with prevention and identification of procurement fraud, a phenomenon, which is usually causing high material damage to all organisations. The day will conclude with the exchange of views on the role and potential of auditors while auditing..

Outcome Based Contract Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Outcome-based Contracts

Come 1 May 2020, all government agencies will be required to adopt Outcome-based Security Contracts that focus on the outputs and outcomes that can be carried out, which in the long term can resolve manpower issues and reduce costs. In line with Singapore’s government initiatives, this workshop is specifically designed to impart knowledge on the ins and outs of Outcome-based Contracts to attendees.

High Stress Decision Making Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] High Stress Decision Making

This 2-day High Stress Decision Making workshop is specifically designed to equip attendees with the necessary skills to make right decisions under stress. This training has two main components: i) understanding stress effects and ii) strategies to improve officer’s decision making under stress. The workshop will first introduce delegates to the effects of stress on valuation, learning and risk-taking.

Suicide Bomber Online

[Expert-Led Digital Masterclass] Emergence of Suicide Bomber

July 27 - July 28 This 2-day The Suicide Bomber Emergence workshop is specifically designed to provide front-line law enforcement officers with the skills and knowledge to effectively identify, interdict and respond to an imminent suicide bombing attack whether person-borne or vehicle-borne ...