Search, Detect & Respond (Security Threats & Risks)

Search Detect and Respond

This workshop is meant to equip and augment the skills of the security professional in charge of borders, ports, critical infrastructure, public and private buildings and places of interest and worship. Professionals will be able to fine tune their skills and knowledge in search and detect for potential security threats and hazards and subsequently respond appropriately in the quickest time possible for the smallest window of threat exposure.

What you will learn at this workshop:

  • PREDICT and categorise the potential for inappropriate, harmful threats to surroundings.
  • ADOPT a highly effective method for searching buildings, surroundings and vehicles for potential terror threats.
  • UNDERSTAND threat indicators.
  • UNDERTAKE a professional threat analysis and risk resolution of your organisation and operations.
  • DISCOVER how your personnel can be trained in proper systematic search procedures and protocol.
  • IDENTIFY discover hostile surveillance and hostile intent.
  • DETECT premises and strategic locations of possible planting of explosives materials.
  • WATCH the watchers watching you, your family, workforce, business or critical infrastructure etc.
  • PROFILE people within your internal and external surroundings.
  • LEARN how to predictively profile people to help you cope with evolving threat within your environment.
  • UTILISE the skills and knowledge for personnel performing the role of a security officer.
  • LEARN to conduct security screening and search of vehicles, buildings and surroundings.
  • MASTER on how to ask the correct searching questions to establish an underlying motivation and intention.
  • UNDERSTAND your opponent’s method of operation.
Who will attend

Organisational Management at any level that are responsible for people, property and/or business continuity. Management in the area of security/ risk management and operational management:

  • Strategic Planner & Managers
  • State Security Agencies
  • Government Ministries
  • Corporate Security Managers
  • Strategic Risk Managers
  • Security Consultants
  • Crisis Response Managers
  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Facilities Management Managers

From the following background:

  • Aviation
  • Banking and finance
  • Community centres and services
  • Embassies of foreign governments
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Maritime and shipping
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Plant and public utilities
  • Power station
  • Production
  • Residential and office buildings
  • School, colleges and universities
  • Security and defence
  • Shopping malls
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transportation

Expert Trainer has been working, training and educating internationally in the field of anti and counter-terrorism for the past 25 years. He is a retired former member of a counter terrorism training wing, known only as DG1.

Expert Trainer has been delivering education and training to International Police, Armed Forces, Private Security Personnel including international organisations from both public and private sectors. 

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