Advanced Outcome-based Contracting

Outcome based Contracting

Being listed as one of the best sourcing principals when buying services, Ministry of Manpower (9 March 2017), this training is specifically designed to help attendees gain a strategic understanding on Outcome Based Contract. 

Day 1 of the workshop will start by setting the theoretical foundation for the program and the supporting sourcing/contracting models before focusing on the importance of internal alignment and communication with stakeholders.  It will then move on to how organisations can action their strategy in the approaches they make to the marketplace via suitable ‘Request For …’ models (such as Request for Proposal or Request for Partner).  How to assess submissions or prospective suppliers/service providers will be illustrated using a number of approaches that are drawn from a wide range of sources.  Finally, the day will conclude by reviewing in detail the Relationship First/Contract Second approach via the ‘Getting to We’ model for relationship development.

Day 2 will introduce the collaborative, performance based and relational contracting.  Called the Vested Outsourcing model, it is defined by both solid economic theory underpinnings and a raft of successful case studies from around the world.  Participants will be introduced to the 10-step process for developing a Vested Deal, the structure of such a deal and the contents of each step.  Important elements such as the ‘Requirements Roadmap’, Pricing Model (versus just a price) and Governance Structures will be covered in depth.  Finally, the last session will bring together everything covered earlier in to a call to action to develop a strategy and implementation plan.

What will you learn from attending this workshop:

    • Understand the different types of contractual arrangements that are available.
    • Learn how a collaborative, performance based and relational contract will outperform a transactional arrangement in the right circumstances.
    • Adopt the right tools to to assess your situation and requirements so you can choose the right contractual model.
    • Select the right ‘Go to Market’ approach to find a partner/supplier that is consistent with your chosen contracting method.
    • Identify and execute a step-by-step guide to developing the right kind of relationships that will support the collaborative, performance based and relational style of contracts.
    • Adopt the Vested Outsourcing model of collaborative, performance based and relational contracting.
Who will attend

Professionals, Heads of Departments, Managers, Executives responsible for

  • Contracts
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Projects
  • Purchasing
  • Sourcing
  • Supply management

Examples of job titles:

  • CEO, COO, General Manager
  • Purchasing Director/ Manager
  • Procurement Director / Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Senior Buyer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Business Manager

Course Trainer is an experienced, commercially orientated and well qualified Supply Chain and Business Leader with corporate and consulting experience in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe. Course Trainer has wide ranging experience in Automotive, Health, SME, Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses. He has in-depth knowledge of advanced business techniques such as Kaizen, TQM, 6Sigma/Lean, Line of Site and Hoshin Kanri. During his career Andrew has identified and implemented best practice processes such as Advanced Planning, CPFR, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), DIFOT measurement, Supply Chain Assessments, SCOR and Supply Chain Risk Management and Assessment. Andrew’s experience in Supply Chain improvement techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Activity Based Mapping and Analytics have delivered measurable benefits for employers and clients. He has also had responsibility for developing global strategic plans in a Fortune 500 corporation.

Course Trainer works with clients from industries such as automotive, logistics, health and agricultural production businesses to find improvement opportunities in their supply chain operations.  He also assists partners is setting up collaborative relational contracts as a deal coach. He has also written a number of articles for magazines and whitepapers and case studies.  Collaborative and relationship based contracting is a passion of Course Trainer 's and he has spoken at a number of conferences and run numerous workshops on this subject.

Case Studies

Case Studies in Vested Outsourcing, Government and Private Sector examples


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Industry Insights

Outcome-based procurement to be introduced in selected sectors: MOF

Singapore to introduce outcome-based procurement


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The Art of Negotiating Commercial Contracts

The art of negotiating commercial contracts

Contracts are a critical part of all businesses, in which commercial obligations are recorded and enforced. Most contracts of any complexity arise through a process that includes negotiation. The purpose of this intensive training is to equip delegates on negotiation process in the context of contracts (and disputes arising out of contracts) and demonstrate how a fairly straightforward improved technique can lead to better outcomes for your company.

The training will look at the basics of how contracts are formed, as this is crucial to gain an understanding of what points to be negotiated. It will also look at how you should prepare for negotiation, and what work is needed before you enter a negotiation.


Key Takeaways from Attending This Workshop:

  • Understand why contracts are used and how they are formed.
  • Appreciate different approaches in different legal systems and cultures.
  • Ensure you are dealing with people with appropriate authority.
  • Explore the importance of negotiation preparation and techniques.
  • Learn how negotiation fits in with different methods of procurement.
  • Identify how to set appropriate targets in negotiations.
  • Analyse the different roles used in negotiations.
  • Gain practical techniques for improving negotiation and ensuring desired outcome.
  • Resolve dispute through appropriate negotiation to avoid courts and arbitration.
  • Discover latest techniques in dispute resolution negotiation including mediation.
Who will attend
  • Legal Managers
  • Contracts Managers
  • Contracts Administrators
  • Commercial Managers
  • Corporate Counsels
  • Lawyers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Procurement Managers
  • Business Development

From across ALL the industries and all those involved in the negotiation, drafting and management of commercial business contracts.

Case Studies

Interested to be part of this training?

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Venue to be confirmed.

Industry Insights
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