About Us

Expert Opinion

We strive to embody the Quintessence of expert opinion and knowledge

training and development

We are a young homegrown training and development outfit with key expertise and vision for progressive and sustainable socially responsible enterprise in APAC and the Middle East.

Our 3-step working process

Q8 Incorporated is a leading host of cutting-edge conferences and training events, delivering exciting and valuable platforms for a range of important audiences.

Embark on Excellence

Our research & analysis team is constantly engaging with professionals in the field, be it public or private to delve into areas and initiatives, which would seem cutting edge in practice and theory.

Data is fed back to our think tank expert producers, which then conceptualise and develop the next wining platform.

Quest for the Best

The select quora will benefit from a tailored and customised meet and benefit from the expert session via curated and qualitative session hours in a 5 star business class-learning environment catered to suit today’s busy professional and top-level engagers. All our meetings are pre -qualified to ensure maximum uptime and knowledge transfer between expert and professional alike.

Future Perfect

The learning and innovation never stops. Data based evaluations are fed back into our creativity and conceptualisation think-tank and the clock turns again. We don’t just stop at one good session but are already working on the next best solution for your views and opinions expressed.
We future proof our customers’ ideas to have them their future.

Q Elements

Together we bring a wealth of experience in conference production and events management to deliver high quality meetings for public and corporate sectors alike. We assemble a Quorum of Quick-minded working professionals and industry practitioners to impart the latest tools and techniques for progressive organisations and Governments. We deliver high Quality events at which delegates hear from leading thinkers, influencers and practitioners and have the opportunity to learn about and debate latest policy and service developments.  Our Quick- sighted and timely meetings bring together public and private sector personnel in a Qualitative and Quantifiable space and setting. We are the Quiddity of ideas and transformation.

Our approach

At Q8 Inc we are committed in growing our business. 3 key approaches we strongly believe in are excellence, partnership and creating value to ensure sustainability.

Quiddity – In essence, the “whatness” of anything. Our Team’s qualitative approach ensures every event is organised to the highest standard. We provide the perfect platform for key stakeholders to meet, share ideas and improve outcomes.

Quorate: We work alongside our customers to develop tailored and bespoke conferences and training events that meet their needs first time, every time. Q8 is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of customer service. Our events are researched based on the industry’s specific query to issues and hurdles that they face. We in turn connect solution makers with tangible deliverables.

Quality: We deliver the highest quality conferences and training events at cost competitive best efforts, ensuring our customers get value for money alongside a superb event experience.