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[Expert-Led Masterclass] Intelligence Gathering & Report Creation for Investigations

January 30 - January 31


Protecting the integrity of a real-world exhibit is easy and straightforward. Applying the same level of procedure to a non-tangible item, such as a screenshot, is much harder. This course will allow you to achieve this level of protection against scrutiny, which is essential if the report will be used to support action against a member of staff, evidence against a threat actor or subject, or support of a case, arrest, or warrant in court.  

This masterclass includes hands-on interactive activities. Participants are encouraged to bring along their laptop to participate in the activities.

What you will learn from this Masterclass:

  • AWARENESS around investigative reports to a high standard that will stand rigorous scrutiny by another party or court. 
  • MASTER the latest and updated methods and tradecraft to protect digital intelligence gathered and ‘seal’ it in a virtual evidence bag, to prove integrity and honesty on the part of the investigator.  
  • ADOPT the latest cutting-edge tools in relation to social media intelligence monitoring. 
  • STEP UP investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations and avoid pitfalls and scrutiny. 
  • STRENGTHEN investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by Internet investigations by converting non tangible data and intelligence into evidential matter. 
  • DEVELOP high quality reports and evidence relating to online investigations and intelligence. 
Who should attend

Military, government and police investigators with the following job titles: 

  • Counterintelligence Investigators 
  • Cybercrime Intelligence Officers 
  • Digital Media Examination and Device Investigators 
  • Intelligence Analysts 
  • Intelligence Collection Managers 
  • Law Enforcement Investigators 
  • Military Intelligence Officer 

Private sector: 

  • Investigative journalists 
  • Private investigators 
  • Counter corruption investigators 
  • Corporate intelligence analysts, for due diligence and organisational security 
  • Security Researchers 

Our Expert Trainer is a pioneer in Open-Source Intelligence Analysis and Investigations and App Developer. Skilled and experienced in a number of domains, including technical domain analysis, multilingual open-source investigations, open-source product development and deep websources.

Case Studies

Cases and examples, both current and historic will be given throughout, to add depth and relevance to the methodology.


Interested to be part of this training?

Please contact us at hello@q8asia.com.sg to discuss your requirements.


More details will be sent to the participants closer to the date of this course.

For more information, please contact: hello@q8asia.com.sg.

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