Designing CCTV Security Systems

Designing CCTV Security Systems

This Design CCTV Security System Masterclass is designed to help delegates the necessary skills on how to clearly define their CCTV design outcomes and requirements. This Masterclass highlights the principles behind CCTV design and system implementation. It addresses the problems associated with poorly designed systems and the necessary tools and approaches to mitigate such risks. Case studies covered in this Masterclass is based from the instructor’s own security design experiences and practical exercises are used throughout to reinforce learning points.

The key focus area this Masterclass will cover include:

  • IDENTIFY key metrics to put in place to measure CCTV performance and benefits.
  • UNDERSTAND the steps involves in a CCTV system, from light entering a camera lens, to video transmission to post-incident investigation.
  • ESTABLISH the topology and equipment involved in a medium to large scale IP CCTV system.
  • GAIN INSIGHTS into the definition of various technical parameters commonly seen on CCTV system.
  • EXAMINE how video surveillance systems form part of the IoT and cyber security risks that need to be mitigated
Who will attend

The workshop is aimed at security practitioners, architects, designers, policing services and urban planners who have a responsibility for the safe-guarding the built environment, crowded public spaces and their users.

  • Architects
  • Business continuity managers
  • Crisis response managers
  • Facilities management managers
  • Government ministries
  • Installation engineers
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Managers
  • Operators
  • Security practitioners
  • State security agencies
  • Strategic planner & managers
  • Strategic risk managers
  • Supervisors
  • Policing services and urban planners who have a responsibility for the safe-guarding the built environment, crowded public spaces and their users.

Expert Trainer is a highly qualified executive security and risk professional with an extremely wide breadth of experience providing security risk management consulting to sectors including defence, government, critical infrastructure, ports and marine, resources, data centres, mixed use developments, mass rapid transport, aviation, health, and education.

Expert Trainer’s experience spans the Asia Pacific and the Gulf (GCC) and regions, where he has applied a strong combination of technical, project management and business development skills.

During his time at Aurecon in Canberra (Australia’s political capital), Expert Trainer played key roles in advising state Government and Defence clients across a wide variety of projects. Highlights include leading the design of Canberra’s whole-of-city CCTV System over 2 years and performing security surveys of Defence facilities across Australia storing weapons, munitions and explosives.

He also undertook security design for the Australian Federal Police to house narcotics, firearms and seized contraband. Apart from that, Expert Trainer advised Australian Customs regarding the use of CCTV, geo-spatial crime statistical analysis for law enforcement and a rapid 150 camera CCTV System design for Oasis Hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

Expert Trainer has also advised Department of Defence RAAF Base on Tindal CCTV Design where he designed a high-performance CCTV, based on the Honeywell DVM platform for the Base perimeter and Jet Fighter Ordnance Loading Aprons.

He has also led the security design for the WA State iconic building One40 William, a 20-storey building with construction cost of $216M. The security was tailored to WA State specific requirements and included CCTV, access control, alarm and entrance control technology.

Case Studies


Participants will perform a theoretical design exercise with due consideration to camera placement, field of view, resolution, bandwidth and storage.


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CCTV/ Video Surveillance Analysis/ Interpretation, Singapore

CCTV and Video Surveillance Analysis_SG

This 2-day Masterclass provides delegates a strategic understanding on Predictive Profiling techniques via CCTV/ Video Surveillance analysis. Delegates will learn the skills to predict, categorise the potential for inappropriate, harmful, criminal and/or terrorist behaviour. In addition, delegates will master the deployment of procedures and actions necessary to confirm, reduce, neutralise and/or eliminate harmful threats.

What you will learn from this Masterclass:

  • DETECT suspicion indicators relating to their operational environment.
  • ASSESS suspicion indicators based on known and predicted criminal and/or terrorist methods of operation.
  • CONDUCT, deploy, interact and communicate using terrorist threat mitigation techniques.
  • AUGMENT the human element of security framework and enhance the safety and security of the people and the assets they serve.
  • INCREASE the perceived risk of being detected, captured and possibly arrested
  • IMPLEMENT the Cyclical Security Engineering Process
  • MASTER the principles of security questioning.
Who will attend
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Corporate Security Manager
  • Crisis Response Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Emergency Management Director and/or Manager
  • Risk Manager and/or Director
  • Security Director and/or Manager
  • Security Supervisor
  • Vice President and/or Director of Security

Expert Trainer has trained extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, USA, Middle East and Asia on predictive profiling, red teaming and security engineering. Expert Trainer has over 30 years security and emergency services experience, including service with the Royal Australian Navy, Victorian, Queensland and NSW Fire and Ambulance Services and senior management positions within the Australian security industry and Papua New Guinea.

Expert Trainer is a Licensed NSW Security Consultant holding Security Risk Management, Training, Assessment and WH&S Certificates in addition to being a registered NSW security trainer. 

Expert Trainer is a regular invited speaker at international security seminars and has been called before Australian Parliament Senate Committee hearings on Organised Crime as an expert witness on profiling and security within the aviation industry.

Case Studies

Table Top Exercise

  • Delegates will develop terrorist methods of operations through a red teaming table top exercise. Groups will present the terrorist methods of operations that they developed as a group. This exercise will be used to predict plausible terrorist methods of operations and subsequent suspicion indicators. Table top group exercise of a real target

Threat Assessment Exercises, Video Interaction and Case Studies

  • Jakarta, Iyyad al-Ashua, 9/11 and many more.

CCTV Simulation Exercises

  • Trainees will be shown CCTV videos in which they will have to identify potential threats and make a decision on how to respond. The instructor will add information to the evolving scenario that will challenge the trainee to make decisions and act quickly.

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Industry Insights
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